As an Adviser (or Licensee) you operate in a complex, technical and frequently changing regulatory environment. Simply providing good advice is not enough. However you can provide great advice and turn your compliance obligations into a competitive advantage - all you need is Assured Support.


One of the key services provided by Assured Support for Licensees and advisers is the Advice Assurance Review - an objective, consistent and comparable assessment of advice and advice process. This video explains the process.

After interviewing hundreds of advisers and reviewing thousands of financial plans I know that there are some great financial planners out there that can really help you improve your life. This video doesn't name them but it does give you seven tips to help you separate the contenders from the pretenders.
Cost. Complexity. Stress. Boredom. Bureaucracy. These are variously identified as "the compliance problem" but the real problem is none of these things. Thankfully, the solution to the problem is within the reach of most advisers and particularly those with assured support.
Compliance means different things to different people; but generally it involves complexity, inconvenience and cost. Assured support can change this association for you and show you how to transform compliance obligations into a sustainable competitive advantage. Talk to Assured Support and let us help you liberate your business.