tailored, engaging & effective content


Our suite of workshops - mapped against FASEA’s requirements - will provide you with the skills, strategies and techniques necessary to thrive in a complex and frequently changing industry.

Key benefits:

  • Participants benefit from practical insights of experienced subject-matter experts

  • Content designed to enhance advice skills and reduce the risk of complaints and regulatory action

  • Content is informed by extensive industry data and benchmarked compliance outcomes

  • Sessions facilitated by financial services lawyers, compliance and education specialists

  • Strong governance support for each training engagement including a bespoke learning plan addressing:

    • purpose and focus

    • benefits of the training

    • Course Outline

    • Learning effectiveness measurement

    • FASEA CPD type and competency area to align to FASEA requirements.


Technical Competence

These practical workshops are designed to enhance participants’ technical proficiency.

With specific focus on the financial services laws and retail advice obligations, these training sessions will improve your ability to develop, refine and provide advice that is appropriate to the objectives, financial situations and needs of different classes of retail clients.


Client Care and Practice

Combining soft-skills, behavioural insights and a distinct focus on relationship management, this suite of workshops is designed to enhance participants’ ability to advise retail clients or more effectively support those that do.


Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection

Financial services can be complex, confusing and intimidating - but it doesn’t need to be.

These workshops - led by industry experts - are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of applicable legal obligations. You’ll not only learn how to comply with the financial services laws, but develop the skills and techniques to move beyond ‘mere compliance’.


Professionalism and Ethics

These workshops are designed to enhance participants’ capacity to act as ethical professionals.

Building on the legal foundation, these workshops explore ethics and governance, cultural assessment and ethical decision-making frameworks to manage conflicts, challenges and practical scenarios.