" If you are going to outsource, you need to be darned sure the company know’s what it’s doing "   E Gerald Corrigan, managing director, Goldman Sachs

Assured Support was conceived to be a creative and collaborative partner to Advisers and Licensees. Our practical experience, formal education and ongoing training equip us to provide a wide range of compliance, governance and risk management solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary approach means that our team can also provide expert assistance with strategy, dispute resolution, training, practice management, regulatory engagement, technology, recruitment, business process redesign and project and change management.

We have the people, systems and the scale to provide you with the help you need - from assisting with the design and implementation of large regulatory change programs to responding to ASIC Notices to performing Licensee and adviser reviews. 




we offer Tailored support and service packages from a single transaction to full 'in-house' support. 

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Experience breeds confidence.

Prepare. Anticipate. Respond.