para-planning terms and conditions


before we begin…

Having a good working relationship is fundamental to our approach, but it’s a commercial relationship, and we want to be crystal clear about fees, our service and your obligations.

We want to provide you with an exceptional service - and one that will make your business better as a result - but we can’t do so without clear direction from you.

By engaging us, you’re accepting the Para-planning terms and conditions.


It’s a commercial contract

If you instruct us to prepare an advice document, you’re confirming that:

  1. You are authorised to engage us;

  2. You, Your Principal or your Representatives are licensed, or authorised, to provide financial product advice;

  3. You understand the nature, scope and limitations of the services we provide;

  4. You will not instruct us, direct us or influence us to act contrary with the applicable laws;

  5. You have the capacity to pay for the requested work; and

  6. You will pay for completed work within 14 days of delivery.

We will rely on your confirmation that these elements are true. By proceeding you are fully indemnifying us from any consequent loss, damage, claim or action.


Your responsibilities

You agree that you will:

  • provide accurate and complete information, clear instructions and timely decisions;

  • make all reasonable efforts to ensure you do not delay us in providing the Services;

  • except as provided otherwise in this Agreement and as required to provide the Services or as required by law, keep all our Confidential Information confidential

  • procure that any third parties with whom We are required to deal in performing the Services (such as Authorised Representatives who are not your employees) will:

    • co-operate with us and our agents and contractors under this Agreement including by providing full and unfettered and timely access to all required documents;

    • agree to keep Our Confidential Information confidential;

  • pay all monies due and payable under this Agreement by the due date;

  • not direct, instruct or request us to contravene applicable legislation, regulations or professional standards;

  • carefully consider the implications and consequences of any advice or recommendations we provide; and

  • inform us immediately you become aware of a conflict that may impact us or our provision of the Services.


Our responsibilities

We agree that we will:

  • make all reasonable efforts to ensure we provide the Services in line with agreed timeframes;

  • always deal with you and your representatives professionally and courteously;

  • ensure that any agent or contractor we use will be required to comply with these terms (except any liability, which shall remain with Us) as if they were a party to it;

  • except as required to provide the Services or as required by law, keep all your Confidential Information confidential.


Your professional obligations

Please understand that due to the nature of our industry and the level of regulation involved, we need to collect the requested information in the registration process.

By registering, you agree that you are a Financial Services professional with suitable qualifications in financial services. 

You are responsible for the advice you give to your clients.  

You must review each advice document we produce for you, before it is presented to your client. Any queries should be discussed with your assigned para-planner before you present it.

By presenting it to a retail client, you are indemnifying us against any consequent claim or action.

We strongly advise you to read, amend, personalise and confirm the advice before presentation.



We ask that you return any queries to us within two weeks of delivery.

After two weeks have passed, we will assume the document/s to be accepted and our work has been finalised. 

We’ll close that project and issue our invoice to you.

If you request further changes after the project has been closed, we’ll consider that you’re engaging us on a new project and price it accordingly.


Payment terms

We’ll issue you with an invoice after we close your project, and we expect that the invoice will be paid within fourteen days.