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Governance and Support

Your governance framework

“AFS licensees are responsible for making sure that their authorised representatives are aware of their obligations. This means that licensees must ensure that their policies and procedures are up to date and comply with the law. They must also have robust procedures in place to check that their authorised representatives are complying with those policies.”

— ASIC 18-382MR, “ASIC cancels AFS licence of Evermore Money Management”, 18 December 2018

Compliance Framework

The Law requires Licensees to implement adequate arrangements and ensure that they:               · 

  • appropriately invest in their compliance systems, procedures and policies.

  • provide appropriate training;

  • effectively monitor and supervise their representatives;

  • appropriately respond to compliance advice provided to them; and

  • promote an appropriate ‘culture.

Instead of relying on a generic restatement of the law, and instead of pretending that your business is the same as every other business, we’ll help you build a framework that’s relevant to your obligations, risks and resources and is tailored to the nature, scale and complexity of your business.

Obligations Register

How do you know, with certainty, the laws and obligations with which you need to comply.

How do you manage your compliance in a methodical and consistent way?

How do you track the separate laws, policies and guides and ensure that your framework is both current and effective?

Our Obligations Register tracks these critical elements to ensure that you remain ahead of your peers.

Licensee Standards

It’s not enough for a Licensee to understand its obligations and regulatory expectations, it needs to ensure that these obligations are communicated to its representatives in a clear, consistent and effective manner.

Our Licensee Standards remove complexity and operationalise the law to provide your Representatives with guidance they need to determine the right way forward.

Policies and Procedures

Building on the Licensee Standards, these measures, processes and procedures provide the structure, controls and context that minimise your risks.

These specific, technical and compliant ‘how to’ guides deliver the compliance and consistency both Licensees and advisers require.

Tools and Templates

Tools and templates are an effective way to manage complexity and encourage consistency.

Talk with us about:

  • Statement of Advice templates

  • Records of Advice

  • File Checklists

  • Operational Risk checklists

  • Field Supervision checklist

  • Discovery Checklists


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