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Dispute Resolution

Managing, and effectively resolving, complaints can be frustrating, stressful and time-consuming.

Thankfully, our team of legal practitioners and advice specialists have the practical experience in managing disputes and the compliance expertise needed to take a practical, principled and commercial approach to internal and external dispute resolution.

Draw on the expertise of our specialists to reconcile effective and pragmatic solutions with regulatory expectations.

Even the most diligent professionals find themselves involved in disagreements from time to time.

How you and your staff deal with escalating situations and formal disputes is critical because delays and missteps can prove costly. Non-compliance is not an option.

Many businesses struggle to manage and resolve disputes in line with regulatory expectations and ASIC’s strict requirements. Some are paralysed by the formal process required to be followed, the time-consuming reporting requirements and the possibility of dissatisfied clients commencing legal proceedings.

The expert team at Assured Support provides a variety of resources to help you find solutions, repair relationships, and assist you if formal dispute resolution is unavoidable. Our multi-disciplinary approach and deep subject matter expertise, and our practical experience with ASIC guidance (including RG165 and RG271) mean that you’ll be able to meet, or exceed, regulatory and consumer expectations.

In addition, we’ll provide the relevant information and detailed data reporting you need to supply to ASIC.

Our priority isn’t to simply negotiate and settle disputes, but instead provide you with the information and assistance you need to understand potential outcomes and avoid future disputes.

Case appraisal: we will assess the facts in a case by identifying and listing all the issues and questions for determination. We will assist you with prioritising issues from an agreed list of factual issues in the dispute and  

Mediation: We can facilitate sessions between parties, which will help identify disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach an agreement.  

Complaint investigation: Assured Support has years of experience investigating complaints. Our consultants conduct thorough and pragmatic investigations within your time constraints and provide you with recommendations.

Complaint assessment and breach reporting: We can help you assess each complaint, advise you on its significance and help you report significant breaches to ASIC. Of course, as a Licensee you are ultimately responsible for determining whether the breach is reportable or not, but most Licensees appreciate confidential and independent advice.

Remediation: We can assist you with a remediation action plan, prepare correspondence for your client and liaise with ASIC.


Don’t confuse cost with value. 

The cost for our dispute resolution service is tailored to:

  • the nature, scale and complexity of the complaint; and

  • the time and resources required for the engagement.


Dispute resolution services simplified

Expertise and Experience

Assured Support’s team of dispute resolution practitioners brings extensive experience in managing disputes and resolving disputes efficiently. Their deep understanding of regulatory requirements ensures that your dispute resolution process aligns with industry standards.

Comprehensive Services

From mediation and arbitration to conciliation and negotiation, Assured Support offers a wide range of dispute resolution services. This ensures that you have access to the most appropriate method for resolving disputes based on your specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Assured Support’s familiarity with ASIC guidance, including RG165 and RG271, helps you meet or exceed regulatory and consumer expectations. They assist with complaint assessment and breach reporting, ensuring that all disputed issues are handled in compliance with the law.

Tailored Solutions

The cost of Assured Support’s services is tailored to the nature, scale, and complexity of the dispute. This ensures that you receive value for money while effectively resolving your concerns.

Independent Mediation

Assured Support provides access to independent mediators who facilitate discussions between parties, helping to identify disputed issues and work towards a mutually acceptable agreement.


All discussions and negotiations facilitated by Assured Support are confidential, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected throughout the dispute resolution process.

Efficient Resolution

By avoiding the time-consuming and costly court process, Assured Support helps you resolve disputes more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Support for small claims

Assured Support’s expertise extends to handling small claims, providing practical advice and support to ensure that even minor disputes are resolved effectively.

Future Dispute Prevention

By helping you implement effective dispute resolution clauses in your contracts, Assured Support assists in preventing future disputes and ensuring that any disputed issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

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