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Compliance Consulting Services: Real-World Results

Our tailored compliance consulting services come to life through real-world applications and transformative results. These comprehensive case studies showcase the depth and breadth of our expertise as a compliance consultant, the innovation in our regtech solutions, and the power of our compliance software in action.

Each narrative is a testament to how Assured Support goes beyond mere compliance; we strategise, we innovate, and we execute with precision. Our case studies illustrate not just our ability to resolve complex compliance issues, but also our commitment to making compliance a streamlined and strategic advantage for our clients.

LOOK-BACK Case Study

“They see the world through a different lens.”

Director, Small Licensee


A licensee’s top practice received a “high risk” classification from a lookback review undertaken by a large consulting firm.

Fearing the practice was at risk, the licensee approached us to assess the previous compliance consultant’s findings.


We conducted a review of their findings as well as a deep dive into the practice’s current advice and compliance processes. Our insights and understanding – of the business and the regulator – led us to a different conclusion.

The lookback was retrospective. The issues raised were in breach of regulations today, not at the time the advice was given.


Going forward, we continued to work with the client to ensure their compliance procedures remained aligned with today’s regulatory environment.

Based on our guidance and collaborative engagement with the original consulting firm, the ‘adverse’ finding was reversed, the report was amended, and the practice could return to business undistracted.

ASIC Case Study

“They’re not the regulator, they were here to help.”

Single Practitioner, Small Licensee


ASIC surveillance placed a small licensee in jeopardy of potential banning, cancellation of their AFSL, and shuttering of the business.

After a serious adverse finding from ASIC, the licensee was faced with the risk of losing their business – an outcome deemed likely by their own legal counsel. They reached out to us for help.


We worked with the licensee to review and amend their processes in a manner that would satisfy the regulator, making improvements and providing assurance and support along the way.

Because we were able to see their practice through a regulator’s lens, we knew how their business could respond positively and proactively to satisfy their regulatory obligations – even while under threat.


Based on the licensee’s demonstrable improvements to compliance processes and the reporting we helped them provide, ASIC closed the matter without further action.


“We were looking for more than just a report.”

New Licensee, Formerly aligned practice


The licensee acquired a new practice that had not been audited for seven years and wanted assurance regarding their compliance exposure.

Facing the prospect of a regulatory audit with trepidation, the client wanted a clear view of potential compliance risk. They engaged our compliance consulting services to assess the new practice and provide recommendations.


After a thorough review, we tabled our recommendations supported by follow-up detail and guidance, coaching and remediation solutions that they could feed back to and share with their team, and a roadmap to improve processes business-wide.


The client was extremely relieved that, unlike with consultants in the past, our approach went far beyond “just a report”, which they would then be left on their own to try and implement.

Our insights, backed by the practical support we provided, led to an ongoing partnership in compliance management.


““We need a systemic approach, to see the whole picture.”

Risk Officer, Second Line


A large enterprise approached us to help improve compliance oversight and management across their growing advisor group.

Their challenge was to manage a growing network of licensee acquisitions across the group, using disconnected systems unsuited to their need for consolidated visibility, reporting, and analysis.


After struggling with their legacy system – which had not been designed to integrate the entities without costly, time-consuming customisation – they approached us for help.

By implementing our cloud-based compliance software, they were given a consolidated picture of their planners in a scalable and integrated way – with a quick, cost-effective rollout of new functionality.


Working with the client, we implemented Assured Support’s regulatory technology platform, which was immediately able to provide a consolidated picture of their business.


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