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Compliance Culture Survey

Assessing culture: 2023-2024 Survey

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“If the solicitor does not take the precaution of getting a written retainer, he has only himself to thank for being at variance with his client over it and must take the consequences.”

— Griffiths v Evans [1953] 1 WLR 1424

Assessing your compliance culture

We want to help you understand whether, and to what extent, you compare with your peers on ‘culture’.

The following diagnostic, extracted from our broader methodology, may assist you to understand some of the ‘measures, processes and procedures’ that we think are credible indicators of a business’ culture.

Clearly, an effective assessment requires far more analysis and introspection than the diagnostic allows, but it might help you focus your resources and prioritise your activities.

If it’s helpful, please use it. If it’s not helpful to you, don’t.

If you’d prefer a more detailed assessment, talk to us about a Licensee Review.

The survey is anonymous, but if you complete it you’ll be provided with the aggregated results against which you can compare your own business.

If you’d prefer to complete the survey off-page please use this link.

Before you start

Your insights are crucial in shaping a comprehensive understanding of the compliance culture across the financial advice industry. Please select the option that best reflects your business’s practices.

Although your responses will contribute to a broader understanding of participants’ compliance cultures, responses will be kept anonymous and confidential.

It won’t take long to complete (it’s only eight questions) but before you start the survey, please tell us a little about yourself.

Personal Information


Gender Identity*

Industry Experience*

Functional Role*

Authorisation StatusIn what capacity are you providing financial services? (Please select the one that best describes your status.)*

Nature, scale and complexity Considering the maturity and sophistication of your governance, compliance, and risk framework, how would you describe your business? (Select the one that best applies.)*

Survey Questions

1. Code of Conduct Our business has a Code of Conduct that is:*

2. Tailored training In the past twelve months, compliance training was:*

3. Business Improvement The effectiveness of our compliance framework is:*

4. Monitoring and Supervision Our business's approach to compliance monitoring is:*

5. Resourcing The resourcing of our compliance function is:*

6. Capability and Competence My confidence in the compliance team's competence and capability is:*

7. Regulatory Change Our process for managing regulatory change is:*

8. Challenge The reception to constructive criticism or challenging views in our business is:*

Contact Information

Email Your responses are anonymous, but if you'd like to get a copy of the aggregated results please add your email.*


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