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The lure of technology: Limits, practices and reality.

Smarter compliance. For those of us interested in the future of advice (and the far smaller number of us interested in compliance), technology - and, specifically, in regulatory technology (“reg-tech) - is particularly appealing. Well-designed solutions, customised and properly supported, can make advisers and licensees both more efficient and more effective. Better yet, the proper technology can be a source of competitive advantage in a highly regulated industry. This article looks at alternative views, offers seven questions to consider and reminds us that, if we make the wrong calls, technology can be “a good servant but a bad master”

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Curated Content: ASIC, reg-tech and advisers' needs

With focus on netwealth’s “AdviceTech Research Report” and the Banking Royal Commission, we try to explain the growing interest in reg-tech amongst forward-looking licensees. After watching larger financial institutions demonstrate the value of compliance by highlighting the cost of its absence, smaller licensees may be seeing this as an investment in their sustainability and a hedge against ASIC’s views of ‘poor risk cultures’.

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