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Hang on: Reacting to FASEA exam results

Smarter Compliance. After months of apprehension and uncertainty, almost 600 advisers sat the inaugural FASEA exam and over 90% passed. This result would normally be interpreted as a positive one, but many people have simply seized on the result and dismissed the exam entirely. The high pass rate may be reassuring, disappointing, both or neither but there’s a high chance that it can be misleading. This article explains why most advisers should continue to prepare for a challenging examination of their knowledge and capability.

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No "bad moon rising": The FASEA Exam

Smarter Compliance. Some advisers seem to fear the FASEA exam even more than the inevitable Zombie apocalypse. Their apprehension is understandable but only legitimate if they ignore their deep, practical understanding of the the financial services laws and the challenges of dealing with retail clients. Any adviser currently authorised by a responsible Licensee should have the the knowledge and the practical wisdom they need to satisfy FASEA. This article addresses advisers’ apprehension and provides some tips for managing it.

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The “promise” of digital advice

As financial services experts, we know that investors who do not use advisers, underperform when compared to the annual average returns to the market. We also know that studies have also shown that poor investment results are often a direct result of the investor’s behaviour, rather than the performance of the portfolio or its underlying assets. It should be obvious that automating some decision-making processes will help investors make better investment decisions and achieve better outcomes. So how do we explain the industry’s hesitation to embrace digital advice?

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