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Anticipating ASIC: Get your house in order

In his recent speech “The trust deficit and superannuation, ASIC Chair James Shipton suggested three issues that Licensees need to address to restore trust and confidence in the financial services industry.

This post explores those suggestions in context, and outlines some practical steps Licensees should take in anticipation of future ASIC activity.

Take the time now to get your house in order.

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"What wound did ever heal but by degrees": FASEA, Professionalism and the future.

Those that attended the 2018 ASIC Forum were left in no doubt that the most popular remedy for the harms done by the financial services industry, is increasing advisers' education and competency. Abandoning ASIC's previous focus on culture in favour of a new focus on competency, care and ethics, a succession of Presenters criticised the industry's lack of professionalism and asserted that a "greater level of professionalism" was needed to restore trust. While there's still an alarming lack of clarity it's apparent that Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority Limited (FASEA) is the blunt instrument intended to force the transformation of the advice industry.

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Trust, Culture and Enforcement

On 12 September 2017, ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft presented at the Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event and articulated his view that ASIC is primarily an enforcement body responsible for promoting investor trust and confidence in financial services. With reference to the ongoing actions involving Commonwealth Bank, NAB and a range of smaller licensees, the Chairman discussed ASIC's priorities and addressed a variety of topics including trust, reputation and culture. This article explores the reasons, consequences and implications of those views. 

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Crises of culture

A recent report on the financial services industry noted that while industry executives "champion the importance of ethical conduct …. they struggle to see the benefits of greater adherence to ethical standards". So how do we reconcile statements that "ethical conduct is just as important as financial success at their firm" with acknowledgements "that strict adherence to such codes [makes] career progression difficult." What does this contradiction really mean for Compliance Managers and shareholders?

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