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FASEA: Changing CPD requirements mid-flight

Smarter Compliance. The new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards released by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority, provide useful guidelines for transforming the profession. Unfortunately, depending on your perspective, they were delivered either too late or too early for most licensees. One could complain, but, when you’re in mid-flight, your only real option is to adapt to the conditions and do everything you can to ensure you stick the landing. Sure, the flight metaphor is overworked but the article quotes David Bowie and is packed with the analysis and insights you need to operationalise these requirements. Hurry, 31 March 2019 will be here before you know it.

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March to the beat of a different drum: Training, advice and legal.

Smarter Compliance. The elegance employed when drafting Regulatory Guide 146 Licensing: Training of Financial Product Advice and the flexibility afforded to Licensees by s 912a(1)(f) is too frequently ignored. This article explores the reasons why too many licensees never recognise the commercial and compliance opportunity presented to them by RG146 and looks at why that’s the case.

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Bridging the Gap: Best Interests and formal compliance

Smarter compliance. Best Interests. Safe Harbours. Client Priority. All the drama with the Royal Commission has distracted attention from the only issue that really matters - To what extent are advisers acting in their clients’ best interests. The short answer from us is that the best advisers have never wavered from their ethical and professional commitment to act objectively in the interests of their clients. For these advice professionals, the best interest duty, simply reconfirmed their approach to advice, service and care. This might not be the case for all advisers. This article explores these issues with reference to both the #BankingRC Final report and Hub24’s excellent 2019 report “The Adviser’s Best Interests Duty: Creating Better Advice.”

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