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Trust, Culture and Enforcement

On 12 September 2017, ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft presented at the Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event and articulated his view that ASIC is primarily an enforcement body responsible for promoting investor trust and confidence in financial services. With reference to the ongoing actions involving Commonwealth Bank, NAB and a range of smaller licensees, the Chairman discussed ASIC's priorities and addressed a variety of topics including trust, reputation and culture. This article explores the reasons, consequences and implications of those views. 

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Three New Year's Resolutions (You can make and keep)

If you are a compliance and risk professional, you probably often feel different to the people around you. But like millions of other workers, you probably also capped off 2016 with a brief burst of reflection and committed yourself to doing some things differently in 2017. Congratulations for taking the lead. If your champagne-sodden resolutions were no more specific than “have a better year” this article presents three practical steps you can take to significantly improve your performance in 2017.

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