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March to the beat of a different drum: Training, advice and legal.

Smarter Compliance. The elegance employed when drafting Regulatory Guide 146 Licensing: Training of Financial Product Advice and the flexibility afforded to Licensees by s 912a(1)(f) is too frequently ignored. This article explores the reasons why too many licensees never recognise the commercial and compliance opportunity presented to them by RG146 and looks at why that’s the case.

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The Great Divide: RG146, training and education

Smarter Compliance. In this guest post, education expert, Angelique Aksenoff, introduces the great divide in competency standards and asks “what will happen to RG 146 and Tier 2 advisers with the uplift to financial adviser education and training standards?”. Identifying that shifting Tier 2 standards will have a far more profound impact than many anticipate, the author explores the challenges and likely consequences of these essential reforms.

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