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AFSL Fundamentals: Self-licensing

Smarter Compliance. As 2019 draws to a close, many advisers (and some licensees) are being forced to consider their futures. It’s a daunting task given the costs, consequences and implications of any decision they make. An increasing number of advisers think that self-licensing will provide them with the autonomy, financial security and other benefits they need to properly serve their clients. In this article we’ll try to sublimate our self-interest and provide the relevant information advisers need to decide whether self-licensing is an option for them.

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AFSL Fundamentals: A quick guide to Professional Indemnity

Smarter compliance. While disclosure and effective governance may assist you to secure Professional Indemnity Insurance, securing adequate cover requires vigilance and careful consideration. We explore the minefield of Professional Indemnity Insurance with the expert guidance of Greg Hansen, Director of Professional Risks at Austbrokers Countrywide. This guide for Licensees may assist you to both understand ASIC’s requirements and your Licensee obligations. It may also help you find better cover. 

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