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Care Factor?: FASEA's view of "Client Care and Practice"

Smarter Compliance. Professional advisers understand that they’re now required to commit to a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that is consistent with FASEA’s requirements to “develop, maintain and apply a high level of relevant knowledge and skills”. Standard 10 of the FASEA Code of Ethics articulates expectations reinforced by FASEA’s FPS004 CPD Policy outlining mandatory competency areas. One of those competency areas is “Client Care and Practice”. We’ve been deluged by advisers asking what this means in practice. In addition to offering Licensees a practical perspective this article outlines how an innovative reg-tech compliance platform, OpenAFSL, can optimise their approach.

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"We don't need no education": Reflections on competency, training and education

The popular view of acceptable 'training and education' for financial advice professionals seems to increase with each new licensee failure and public scandal. 

While most advisers admit the initial base was quite low,  expectations have increased dramatically. Now, with new education standards looming on the horizon, the landscape of financial advice looks to change forever.

This is a great outcome for the emerging advice profession.

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