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FASEA: Changing CPD requirements mid-flight

Smarter Compliance. The new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards released by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority, provide useful guidelines for transforming the profession. Unfortunately, depending on your perspective, they were delivered either too late or too early for most licensees. One could complain, but, when you’re in mid-flight, your only real option is to adapt to the conditions and do everything you can to ensure you stick the landing. Sure, the flight metaphor is overworked but the article quotes David Bowie and is packed with the analysis and insights you need to operationalise these requirements. Hurry, 31 March 2019 will be here before you know it.

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Anticipating ASIC: Get your house in order

In his recent speech “The trust deficit and superannuation, ASIC Chair James Shipton suggested three issues that Licensees need to address to restore trust and confidence in the financial services industry.

This post explores those suggestions in context, and outlines some practical steps Licensees should take in anticipation of future ASIC activity.

Take the time now to get your house in order.

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Assessing Licensee risk: "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right"

Choosing a licensee is a big decision and one that needs to be made after assessing the risks the prospective licensee poses to you. The reality is that neither qualifications nor adviser mobility are the best indicators of 'Licensee risk'. They are not even reliable predictors. Unfortunately, the underlying causes of licensee risk can't be accurately divined from publicly available data, or at least not without considerable time, energy and insight. This looks at some common risk indicators before focusing on the real issue.

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Don't do all the dumb things: Look (twice) before you leap

One of the biggest decisions made as an adviser will be choice of Licensee. The recent closure of Dover may not have come as a surprise, but the speed in which it occurred still came as a shock to many observers. As we have previously argued, choosing the right Licensee is perhaps the most critical decision an adviser needs to make. This article explores the questions advisers should ask of their prospective licensee and identifies the signs by which an adviser can identify the right time to leave their current licensee.

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Is your Licensee your greatest risk?

Advisers join Licensees for a variety of reasons - price, convenience, shared values and history - but underlying all these is the presumption that the advantages of joining a Licensee outweigh the disadvantages. What if that presumption is wrong? What if your Licensee's conduct is a far greater source of compliance risk to you then your own conduct? This article explores the risks implicit in the Licensee and proposes some practical ways to mitigate those risks.

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You’re right, “Compliance” is the problem.

While it may not be immediately obvious, the embrace of “rules-based compliance” and its obsession with meeting (but often failing to meet) the letter of the law, has also shackled an emerging advice profession to incentives, legacies and values that have restricted its maturation. So what is the better alternative for advisers and licensees?

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Commonwealth Financial Planning v Couper: An Insider’s view

Martin Culleton, a Partner with regional law firm RMB lawyers, was the solicitor for Noel Stevens (and then the estate of Noel Stevens) who took on Commonwealth Financial Planning over inappropriate advice, secured a decision in his client’s favour and successfully defended CFP’s appeal against the initial judgment. In this post Culleton talks about Commonwealth Financial Planning v Couper, compliance, conflict and the specific challenges faced by advisers within vertically integrated businesses.

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