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Competence, Capability and Courage

Smarter Compliance. Assured Support has long argued for the need to collectively develop a capability framework for the compliance staff. Luckily, we are laser focused on this, and have developed a capability framework covering both technical and non-technical skills. This article looks at the reasons why this is necessary and provides a structured path forward.

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Culture, capability and comparison

Smarter Compliance. Compliance used to be a simple process of ‘box ticking’ and commercial obstructionism but now it’s expected to embrace ethics, efficiency and ‘culture’. As the compliance function broadens its focus ,and secures its footing as a practitioner of a strategic management discipline, Compliance Managers are being asked to define or articulate the rules and values against which their business will be assessed. The difficulty is that it’s extraordinarily difficult to assess culture. This article provides eight points that might suggest a good compliance culture.

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