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Planning for 2018: Your Top Three 'Compliance' Priorities

If you’re a Licensee, Compliance Manager or Responsible Manager, you’re forgiven for feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and dispirited. The rate and extent of regulatory change, consistent and critical media coverage, increasing costs and declining revenues and the constant anticipation of regulatory intervention make a challenging job almost impossible. Even with the best of intentions, it's often difficult to prioritise activity when your capacity is consumed by reactive responses to unforeseen issues. This article addresses what we think should be your 'Top Three' priorities for 2018. 

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Robots, regulation and redundancies.

Digital advice is the topic du jour for licensees facing rising costs, shrinking margins and a war for talent but it's not a plug and play solution. Despite the appeal of fintech, they'll still face heightened scrutiny, compliance hurdles and distribution challenges. If you're just dipping your toe into the water, this report from Planet of Finance is an excellent place to start. 

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