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"We don't need no education": Reflections on competency, training and education

The popular view of acceptable 'training and education' for financial advice professionals seems to increase with each new licensee failure and public scandal. 

While most advisers admit the initial base was quite low,  expectations have increased dramatically. Now, with new education standards looming on the horizon, the landscape of financial advice looks to change forever.

This is a great outcome for the emerging advice profession.

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"What the hell am I doing here?": Goals, objectives and great advice

Your client’s goals and objectives are the foundation on which personal advice is built. Unfortunately, they are too often confused, used incorrectly or relegated in importance behind a client’s risk profile.  In other cases, they’re reduced to generic and undifferentiated statements that lack detail and the reflect the planner’s recollection rather than the client’s relevant personal circumstances. Practically, the most powerful statement of your clients’ goals and objectives are the ones that come from the clients and are recorded in as close to their own words as possible. After all, isn’t the fundamental purpose of personal advice to deliver what the client needs and wants? 

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Gliding over all: Beyond Banking Bad

Although it’s difficult to assess its impact on the broader community, there is little doubt that Four Corners’ “expose” of Commonwealth Financial Planning generated contemplation, conversation and consternation in the financial services industry. The recent story “Banking Bad” by Adele Ferguson and Deb Masters focused on the sales-driven culture inside the Commonwealth Bank's financial planning division; but it also raised additional questions about the structure and composition of the broader advice industry.

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