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Business tips from fraudsters

Despite the inevitable march of consumer technology, I've noticed that many financial advisers still underestimate the role their website plays in reassuring prospects and establishing both credibility and legitimacy. If you're convinced that a compelling digital presence will have little, if any impact, on the growth and success of your business, then enjoy the commercial irrelevancy you've voluntarily embraced. This article examines consumer preferences, social proof and offers five tips to improve advisers' websites. 

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7 ways to pick a better Adviser (Part One)

Most Australians would significantly benefit from receiving financial advice, but relatively few ever receive the financial advice they need. Cost, complexity, inconvenience and apathy all play their part, but consumer apprehension, the fear of being “ripped off”, is also a significant contributor to this outcome. This article won’t provide personal recommendations, but it will outline seven practical considerations that would help identify a better financial adviser. Individually, none of them is sufficient, but together these seven aspects will help weed out the pretenders and point consumers in the direction of the professional advice they need.

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