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The end of grandfathering: Conflicts, the Constitution and Compulsory Acquisition

Smarter Compliance. On 22 February 2019, Treasury released exposure draft legislation titled Treasury Laws Amendment (Ending Grandfathered Conflicted Remuneration) Bill 2019 which, if ever introduced, passed and enacted, will prohibit the payment to financial advisers of grandfathering conflicted remuneration. These amendments could have a significant effect on the advice industry. However, there’s still time for consultation, so this article summarises the key issues and the challenges posed by the proposed regulations. It’s no substitute for specific legal advice, but it’s considerably cheaper and more accessible.

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A pox on both your houses: ASIC, mortgage brokers and conflicts

The mortgage broking industry has, for a variety of reasons, recently attracted an increased degree of regulatory attention. In the midst of a Royal Commission this is hardly likely to comfort alert mortgage brokers . As the Banks, that both dominate and compete with the mortgage broking industry, identify problems and propose solutions, brokers are left to puzzle out the likely consequences of these discussions. This article explores the reasons and the drivers for the anticipated reforms of the mortgage broking industry. 

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Talking the walk: a Christmas gift for financial planners

In the last days of 2013, the Assistant Treasurer, Senator Arthur Sinodinos, announced a number of proposed refinements to the some of the key elements of FOFA - including "opt in", Fee Disclosure Statements and Grandfathering. This article addresses the proposals and their likely impact on consumers, advisers and the advice profession.

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