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Change or be changed: The challenge for advice

Smarter Compliance. This year will be a challenging and momentous year. Change may be inevitable and irresistible, but it needn’t be fatal. The better licensees and advisers have already separated themselves from the pack and started to transform themselves to succeed in the new environment. This article explores what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Don’t be left behind.

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"It's the end of the world as we know it": Three reasons to celebrate

Smarter Compliance. 2018 might have been an embarrassing, dramatic and traumatic year for the financial services industry (and the Commission’s Final Report is yet to come) but Compliance Professionals have had enough ‘gloom and doom’ for the moment. As 2019 lurches forward, we identify three ways that 2019 could be a very good year for compliance staff. Sure, you’ll still be over-worked and misunderstood but you may also start to be appreciated and valued. Work smart, seize these opportunities and you’ll transform your role and increase your influence. Good luck.

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Compliance, Culture and Compliance Culture

Smarter compliance. Despite their focus on conduct and disclosure, Regulators are increasingly turning their attention to licensees’ ‘culture’. It’s a reasonable approach if one ignores the reality that the definition is circular and that organisational culture is not monolithic; most large institutions are collections of disparate and disconnected cultures. Nevertheless, Regulators show no sign of abandoning this idea, so Licensees must consider how they can best demonstrate a ‘good culture’ and their commitment to key principles. Drawing on international examples, this article proposes ways in which this can be done.

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