Efficiency. Effectiveness. Paraplanning.

Introducing our para-planning service

I’ll leave you now
In safe hands
— Badly Drawn Boy - "In safe hands"

Assured Support was conceived to be a creative and collaborative partner to Advisers and Licensees.

Our practical experience, formal education and ongoing training equip us to provide a wide range of compliance, governance and risk management solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary approach means that our team can also provide expert assistance with strategy, dispute resolution, training, practice management, regulatory engagement, technology, recruitment, business process redesign and project and change management.

In fact, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients to provide better advice.

That’s why we’re now offering para-planning support.

Back to the future

With all the talk about Digital Advice, AI and machine learning, you may be surprised that we’re re-embracing “analogue advice”.

From November, you’ll be able to access para-planning resources via assuredsupport.com.au.

Whether for remediation or just regular activity, our para-planners can prepare Statements of Advice for you using XPlan, Midwinter or Coin or another system. They’ll use your template and complete your request within 7 Business Days. Of course, this may be longer if they’re waiting on additional or outstanding information from you.

The complexity of your advice, and the number of strategies you elect to include, will determine the price of the service. Partners can secure additional discounts for predictable volume.

Rest assured that our competitive pricing and integrated assurance will free up your time for more valuable activities.

If you’d like to obtain more information contact help@assuredsupport.com.au.