Solutions, subroutines and protocols


Compliance solutions, like openAFSL, offer open APIs to drive integration and deliver better user experiences.

Whether you're developing reg-tech, fin-tech or edu-tech it's important to understand your options. 

Successful business platforms enable third party developers to easily consume APIs and build applications. Leading platforms offer open APIs, strong developer programs, and focus on clear success measures.
— Apigee

A perennial issue for financial services 'disrupters' is the best way to build Fintech, regtech or infotech.

There's no simple answer - sometimes proprietary systems are better than open-source solutions. In our view, the critical element for success, is the capacity for integration with complementary systems.

This is why our compliance solution - openAFSL - is an openAPI.

This report provides a useful overview of the state of API's in 2017.